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Dr. Roger Duncliffe

CPsychol, DPsych

Chartered Counselling Psychologist,


I am Dr. Roger Duncliffe, a BPS and HCPC registered Chartered counselling psychologist. I am the founder of RPD Psychology and a clinical director with The London Practice. I work in central London with clinics close to Oxford Street and Liverpool Street stations. 

I offer psychotherapy primarily from existential and psychodynamic perspectives. A primary focus is on developing the therapeutic relationship to create a setting that is safe and contained. This allows explorations into the difficulties currently being experienced, at a pace appropriate for each individual. An increasing awareness of patterns, querying sedimented thoughts and behaviours can offer new perspectives and lead to positive change.


Do you have prolonged periods of low mood? Suffer from chronic anxiety? Does work cause overwhelming and unmanageable stress? Maybe you are having difficulty coping with close relationships? Do you find yourself compromising your needs and wants for the wishes of others? Have substances become a way to deal with concerns such as stress and emotional issues in your life? 

It can be extremely challenging to talk to close friends and family about these concerns. This arises from not wanting to be seen as a burden nor as someone others need to be worried about. Yet everyone has a mental health like they do a physical health. But for many of us mental health issues remain stigmatic and best kept hidden. Some days can be better than others but if you find you are consistently experiencing some of the issues mentioned then a professional and non-judgemental mental health practitioner can help. 


How I can help

I have extensive experience working with individuals experiencing emotional trauma, relational difficulties, workplace stress, self-esteem, substance use issues, self-confidence, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, physical and sexual abuse. My aim is to help individuals find their own path and to explore the choices they have available to them. In challenging current ways of living and exploring alternatives, individuals can gain the autonomy and responsibility to live their meaningful life.

Next steps

If having read my approach and you feel this may relate to you in some way please get in touch to talk through what is going on for you. I offer a free 15 minutes phone consultation to ask further questions and decide if psychotherapy is right for you. 


Call or text on 07841991556 or send me an email

Psychologist London Roger Duncliffe