With my training in counselling psychology I embrace a humanistic approach to therapy. That means I take each person as an individual with their own unique life experiences and interactions. I do not view a person as a bundle of symptoms or a diagnosis but as someone who has their own understanding of the world. 

I work primarily from an existential perspective which examines what it means, for us as individuals, to be alive. Life is a unique experience and is open to a wide range of possibilities. The existential approach explores how we interact with the world around us and can help with understanding how we manage relationships, navigate work demands and cope with difficult experiences. It explores how our experiences relate to the way we live our life, how we exist in relation to the world and others in it. 


There are no expectations from me for how you should engage with therapy. What I aim to provide is a space that makes you feel comfortable and safe to express yourself. My doctoral training and clinical experience has given me the skills and experience to practice across a wide range of evidence-based theories and techniques such as existential, psychodynamic and CBT therapies. 

I am here to listen, to be with, to empathise and to support you as best I can.

Next steps

If having read my approach and you feel this may relate to you in some way please get in touch to talk through what is going on for you. I offer a free 15 minutes phone consultation to ask further questions and decide if psychotherapy is right for you. 

Call or text on 07841991556 or send me an email

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Therapeutic Approach

Dr. Roger Duncliffe,

CPsychol, DPsych

Chartered Counselling Psychologist,