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Online Therapy

Coronavirus Update

I am currently seeing a limited number of clients in person on Mondays. All other client sessions are being conducted online using Skype/Zoom.

This offers an option to get the support you need the way you want.


Online Therapy

For most the notion of psychotherapy relates to an in-person experience and online therapy may seem confusing. With that in mind, I have put together some information to help you decide whether online counselling or telephone counselling is for you.

Technology has advanced significantly to allow a host of industries to work remotely with the use of video calls. Psychotherapy is one such field where virtual therapy allows individuals hesitant to approach therapists to get the support they require. Being able to have therapy from the comfort of your own home can offer increased feelings of safety and convenience that facilitate emotional expression and transparency. Online therapy or telephone counseling sessions if conducted by a competent and experienced practitioner can create a strong working relationship, a key component of successful therapy outcomes. 

To make the most out of seeing an online therapist, however, does require having the right device and connections for video calling. It also requires having a quiet and private space for the duration of the 50 minutes session. For individuals who prefer an in-person relationship online therapy may appear too distant and impersonal. 

I hope the above offers some guidance towards deciding whether seeing an online therapist is right for you.


If you wish to make an appointment please text on 07841991556 or email me. I also offer a free 15 minutes phone consultation to ask further questions and decide if you wish to meet. 

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