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Life can be stressful and unpredictable at times. We can feel tangled and tied up in our attempts to work out the issues that are causing concern. These may stem from earlier interactions with others or a result of difficult current experiences.


Psychological therapies may assist you in coping or coming to terms with a wide range of issues. I have experience in working with but not limited to:

  • depression

  • stress

  • anger

  • substance use (alcohol and drugs)

  • anxiety

  • self-esteem

  • isolation

  • masculinity and gendered concerns

  • abuse

  • trauma


The therapeutic process can help create a change in perspective or outlook that can lead to meaningful behavioural adjustments. Through an exploration of past and current experiences therapy can help make sense of what how I would like to live my life against how I am currently living my life. Recognising and understanding these conflicts can help with decisions within relationships, work or with the self. The aim is for the therapy relationship to help find the best path forward that suits each client.


Individual and private counselling allows you the opportunity to discuss issues you may be unable to express with significant others in your life. It allows individuals to remove the burden they feel they might place on others and to engage with an experienced and professional practitioner who can objectively help with exploring concerns in a safe and non-judgemental way. 

What to expect

Having decided to engage with therapy, the first session is to discuss what brings you to therapy at this particular time. Outlining what you wish to gain can be helpful but it is not necessary to know exactly what you want from the therapeutic process. In the first session it can be helpful to explore and voice aloud the issues that create discomfort. It is also an opportunity for you to decide whether the therapist is someone with whom you wish to continue having regular psychotherapy. 


Next steps

If having read my approach and you feel this may relate to you in some way please get in touch to talk through what is going on for you. I offer a free 15 minutes phone consultation to ask further questions and decide if psychotherapy is right for you.

Call or text on 07841991556 or email me

private counelling