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Relationship Counselling

Being in a loving, fulfilling and supportive relationship can require sacrifice, time, commitment, vulnerability and communication. With work pressures and family responsibilities any relational struggles can oftentimes cause severe frustration, anxiety, isolation, disputes and a loss of sexual desire. This can result in constant bickering that never ends in a resolution for both parties. 


The aim of couples counselling is to improve communication and create understanding with the important people in your life. This can be a daunting challenge. Having a safe space to explore the concerns (e.g. financial, substance use, trust, infidelity) within your relationship can help address these issues. 



Relationship counselling seeks to help improve communication, resolve conflicts, understand commitment anxiety, anger and other relational dilemmas. The intent is to help develop ways for couples to resolve their issues on their own terms. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes so therapy encourages couples to be honest and open when communicating their own pressing concerns. For some couples this may require having individual sessions to explore their concerns and then returning as a couple to express what is most troubling for them.

What to expect

Similar to individual therapy, the first session is to discuss what brings you both to therapy at this particular time. Outlining what you wish to gain can be helpful but it is not necessary to know exactly what you want from the therapeutic process. In the first session it can be helpful to express the issues that create discomfort with an objective professional practitioner. It is also an opportunity for you both to decide whether the relationship therapist is someone with whom you wish to continue having regular couples psychotherapy. 

Next steps

If having read my approach and you feel this may relate to you in some way please get in touch to talk through what is going on for you. I offer a free 15 minutes phone consultation to ask further questions and decide if psychotherapy is right for you. 

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